Parking / TTC

Travel by TTC

Branksome Hall can be accessed by TTC from Sherbourne or Rosedale Subway Stations.

From Sherbourne Station, walk north across the Sherbourne Street bridge, left on Elm Avenue and cross at the Mount Pleasant lights (5-minute walk).

From Rosedale, walk east on Crescent Road. Turn right on South Drive. Turn right on Mount Pleasant. Turn right on Elm Avenue (5-minute walk).

Nearby Parking

Branksome has 85-parking spots available for guests and event service providers.
On the west side campus, we have 15 spots in the rear, ideal for staff. There are 20 spots in the front for guests.

On the East side of the Mount Pleasant there are 20-VIP spots in the front lot. Additionally, on the East side of Mount Pleasant, in the rear, there are 50 double parking spots available if valet services are used, or 25 spots can be used without valet services. There is also room for caterers and suppliers trucks in shipping and receiving for the duration of the event.